Friday, November 18, 2011


We finally got home for good about a month ago, and it has taken me until this week to began working on my data.  I have three file boxes with things to review and I decided just to work through the papers in their physical order, rather than try some logical system.  As it happens, the first folder I picked up was my copy of pages from The Garnsey - Guernsey Genealogy, second edition.  I'm pretty sure my entries from this source have been properly cited in TMG, so I simply began reading the pages.  I saw that John Garnsey, my 9th great granduncle, married in 1716 at Rehoboth, for his third wife, Elizabeth Miller, widow of John Titus, son of John, son of Robert.

I wondered whether there was a connection to the Nine Partner Ezekiel Titus.  I still haven't found the answer to that question, but I do notice that the Tituses are connected to the Carpenter family.  (Three of the Nine Partners were Carpenters.)

In order to facilitate the search, I decided that I had to update my data to include the info I have from Stocker's Centennial History of Susquehanna County Pennsylvania and from Weston's A History of Brooklyn Penna. Ezekiel Titus married as his first wife Lois Richardson, who was the daughter of Caleb Richardson, Sr., the Nine Partner.  Lois was the niece of Hosea Tiffany, the Nine Partner, and the niece of Hosea's sister Melatiah (Tiffany) Tingley, my 5th great gandmother.  Lois and Ezekiel's son Preston Titus married Tryphena (or Triphena) Whitney, whose brother Orange married Clarissa Swetland, my 4th great gandaunt.  Triphena's brother Roswell is an ancestor of the Heart Lake Whitneys as well as the father of Permelia Emeline Whitney, who was first married to my 3rd great granduncle Nelson Tiffany and after she was widowed was married to my 3rd great grandfather Joseph Hawley.

I'll keep looking for connections in the generations before they all came to Susquehanna County.