Thursday, December 09, 2010

December 9, 2010

I use this blog, in part, to keep track of what I am doing.
Currently, I reattaching notes that date back to the early 1990's when I was using Brother's Keeper. In that program, notes were stored as external text files. These were imported into TMG as external exhibits, but at some point two things happened. First, some of the notes became garbled and so I combined all of them with an earlier version. That accounts for the fact that many of them now have the same information twice. Then the path changed, and the notes became detached from the the data file.
I am currently reattaching the notes, but this time internally, in what I have dubbed an Exhibit tag. I did some of them earlier, at a time I cannot now determine, and edited the notes as I went. This time, in the interest of finishing, I am not doing any editing, except in a very few cases.
Many of the most valuable notes come from Gordon Fisher's data from the early 1990s. Gordon Fisher transcribed entries from several genealogical works, which is a great help.
My data still includes a lot of extraneous, to me, people, because years ago I imported data incautiously from several gedcoms, including Gordon Fisher's.
Because I am working to actually produce something, I am putting off the cleanup of extraneous data until later.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Goodrich Project Update

Starting with Earl Ashton Goodrich, both as the logical starting person and as an exemplar.
Earl was born in 1866 and died in 1933. Using, I have found him in the census for 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930.
Earl appears as person 6789 in The Tingley Family, by Raymon Meyers Tingley, Tuttle, Rutland Vermont, 1910, along with his wife Grace and five children.
In The Tingley Family Revised, volume VIII by Harold E Frye, privately printed, 1996, Earl is person 10-03811, and is shown with Grace and 6 children. Some of the information is cited to Esther Mead.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Green and Joyner progress

Over the past couple of days I have been following leads on my godmother Jessie's ancestry. What I do is just almost willy nilly add people to my tree at Ancestry, based on other people's trees. Some of the reasearch looks good, some is basically unsourced.

I wish there were good Mellen leads.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


In 1913 my grandmother, Jessie Green, eloped with Bert Bowman. She was 17 and he was 22. A year later, in 1914, she gave birth to a son, my uncle Glenn. I do not know why their marriage didn't last, but in 1916, when my grandmother was 20, she divorced Bert and married my grandfather, Sidney Mellen, on the same day.

I have a photo of Jessie and Bert and a copy of their the registration of their marriage, as well as a copy of the divorce. The marriage registration shows Bert's parents as John Bowman and Mary Loraw.

I posted some of this information on Ancestry, and this morning I got an email from a person who says he has the family back to John's parents. I have responded.

In the meantime, I have found some other information on Bert (whose first nsme was Alpheus) on Ancestry. He married again in late 1917 and raised a family. It would be nice if the person who emailed me is in that family. I await developments.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Current Ahnentafel at Ancestry

See Where I stand at Ancestry


Root person -- me (1)
24 added Chester Brink
25 Amy Gerard
26 William Gallt
27 Martha
28 Manzer J Goodrich
29 Jennie P Hawley
30 Edwin Chesebro Dayton
31 Mary Albertina Morgan


Root person - father (2)

32 unknown
33 unknown
34 Joseph Seymour Allen
35 unknown
40 unknown
41 unknown
44 unknown
45 unkown
46 James E Conklin
47 Catherine E Brown

Root person - mother (3)

48 Abraham Brink
49 Ruth Lyons
50 Charles Gerard
51 Joanna Davis
56 Eli Butler Goodrich
57 Cynthia Tiffany
58 Joseph W Hawley
59 Sally Wright
60 Charles Edwin Dayton
61 Prudence Mary Chesebrough
62 Newell V Morgan
63 Lucy Hopkins


Root person -- paternal grandfather (4)

64 - 79

Root person - paternal grandmother (5)

80 - 95

Root person - maternal grandfather (6)

96 William Brink
97 Sara Van Tilburg
100 Joseph Gerard
104 - 111

Root person - maternal grandmother (7)

112 David Goodrich
113 Adah Holden
114 Alfred Tiffany
115 Lucy Miller
116 Abel Hawley
117 Marilla Hutchinson
118 Anthony Wright
119 Sally Sweatland
120 Charles Dayton
121 Polly Smith
122 Nathan Chesbrough
123 Cynthia Crary
124 Newel Morgan
125 Mary Groves
126 added Charles Hopkins
127 added Naomi Standish


128 - 191

Root person - Charles Gerard Brink (12)

192 Nicholas Brink
193 Catrina Decker
196 - 199
200 William Gerard
202 - 207

208 - 223

Root person - Earl A Goodrich (14)

224 Alpheus Goodrich
225 Hepzibah Hubbard
226 Ebenezer Holden
227 Martha Halle
228 Thomas tiffany
229 Melatiiah Tingley
230 Elizur Miller
231 Dorcas Goodrich
236 Samuel Wright
237 Ruth Kibbe
238 Theophilus Sweatland
239 Zilpha Sprague

Root person - Grace Alison Dayton (15)

240 Charles Dayton
241 Asenath Guernsey
244 Nathaniel Chesebrough
245 Mary Hallam
246 Thomas Crary
247 Mehitable Mason
248 added Abijah Morgan
249 Ann Cone
250 Retire Groves
251 Abigail king


256 - 383

Root person - Chester Brink (24)

384 Thomas Huyberts Bink
385 Fransyntjen Schoonhoven
386 William Decker
387 Neeltje Roosa
388 - 399

Root person - Amy Gerard (25)

402 - 415

416 - 447

Root person Manzer J Goodrich (28)

448 David Goodrich
449 Hepzibah Ann Boardman
450 Ephraim Hubbard
451 Mary Lord
452 Ebenezer Holden
453 Sybil
456 John Tiffany
457 Deliverance Parmenter
458 Thomas Tingley
459 Martha Day
460 Abijah Miller
461 Dorcas
462 Joshua Goodrich
463 Hannah Bliss

Root person Jennie P Hawley (29)

464 - 471
476 Israel Sweetland
477 Dorcas Dewey
478 Ebenezer Sprague
479 Hannah St John

Root person Edwin C Dayton (30)

480 Michael Dayton
481 Mehitable Doolittle
482 David Guernsey
483 Hannah Judd
484 -487
488 Nathan Chesbrough
489 Bridget Noyes
490 John Hallam
491 Abigail Noyes
492 Nathan Crary
493 Dorothy Wheeler
494 Andrew Mason
495 Mary Gallup

Root person Mary Albertina Morgan (31)

496 Abijah Morgan
497 Dorothy Williams
498 Daniel Cone
499 Mary Spencer
500 Nicholas Groves
501 Mary Hubbard
502 Thomas King
503 Abigail Warriner
504 - 511


512 - 767

Root person Abraham Brink (48)


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Using Ancestry after the Miller discursus

OK, From before I have Lucy Miller in my tree. Her father is shown as Eleazur Miller. From yesterday I have another Lucy Miller, father Elizur Miller. They are the same person.
Lucy Miller 1 is married the Alfred Tiffany. For her, I have:
Father Eleazur Miller
Mother Dorcas Goodrich
no siblings
Lucy Miller 2 has no spouse
Father Elizur Miller

Ancestry tells me that Lucy Miller 1 combines info from 11 trees, but I can't get back to the trees.
Similarly, Lucy Miller 2 combines info from 5 trees, which I can't now get to.

What to do?
I add Elizur as a father to Lucy Miller 1. I rename Dorcas Goodrich 2 to Dorcas 2 Goodrich and add her as a mother to Lucy Miller 1.
Now I can delete Lucy Miller 2 so I do. I delete Eleazur Miller and Dorcas Goodrich 1, then rename Dorcas 2 Goodrich back to Dorcas Goodrich.
Now I can look at what I have:
Cynthia Tiffany's parents are Alfred Tiffany, with a hint, and Lucy Miller, without a hint.
Lucy Miller's parents are Elizur Miller and Doercas Goodrich, both with hints.
Elizur Miller's hint is a Connecticut Marriage Record; no trees, but the profile says there are ten new possible connections. They are described as:
Burnside Family Tree; MacPherson Family Tree; Wiener Janski family Tree; kent Family Tree; Alexander-Smith Family Tree//
Reed Family Tree; FrvShell2010; Lehmiller-Ross Family Tree; K Family Tree 6,003; appleton Family Tree.
I have to learn how that works.
In any case, many of these trees have Eleazur rather than Elizur and have him born in Pennsylvania rather than Connecticut. Moreover, they place him in Salem Township in Clarion County rather than Wayne Counbty -- but it is possible that he went on to Clarion County -- I just don't know.

I edited his place of birth to Glastonbury. To do this, I change his father's birth day from 1735 to 1725. Then I changed it back.
Sone tree show Abijah's wife as Dorkas Chubb. I haven't seen any evidence for that.

Note: Google Books tells me that Capt. Abijah Miller is found on pages 560 and 620, as well as the index on page 882 of Hale, House and related families by D L Jacobus. The book costs about $90, so I'll consult it in a library. The Susquehanna County Historical Society does not have ti; the NYPL

More later.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on Ancestry

I've more or less decided to use Ancestry as a working place. I take some kinds of absurd data and link it -- when it comes from other Ancestry trees. I can clean it up later.

Today I started with Lucy Miller, then her father Elizur, his father Abijah who Aunt Esther thought was named Abner. I found parents for Abijah -- John Miller and Prudence Hollister. Both have hints. There are also a number of children. The "absurd data" usually is duplicate entries for the same child, with slightly different names.

John Miller has parents William Miller and Mary Bushnell. Both have hints. There are also a number of children.

William Miller has parents William Miller and Patience Bacon. Both have hints. There are also children.

This William Miller is an immigrant. There are multiple spouses and children. His parents are William Miller and Margaret Dennis. Both have hints.

This William Miller has children and parents John Miller and Agnes Kellet. Both have hints.
John Miller has children and parents William Miller and Eilzabeth Cutler. Both have hints.
This William Miller has parents John Miller and Alice Lawe. They have hints.
This John Miller has parents Johannes Miller and Margaret Carter. They have hints.
Johannes Miller has children and parents William Miller and Johanna Rolph. They have hints.
This William Miller has children and parents Hans Miller and Magdalena Welser. They have hints.
Hans Miller is the end of the line
Magdalena Welser has another spouse and children and parents Lukas Welser and Ursula Launger. They have hints.
Lukas Welser has children and parents Bartolomaus Welser and Catharina Ridler. They have hints.
Bartholomaus Welser has children, other spouse(s) and parents Bartholomaus Welser and Radegunda Suelmann. They have hints.

This Bartolomaus Welser has children and parents Hans Welser and Elisabeth Rehlinger. They have hints.
Hans Welser has another spuse and parents Bartholomaus Welser and Catharina Parth. They have hints.
This Bartholomaus Welser has children and parents Conrad Welser and Elisabeth Langenmantel. They have hints.
Conrad Welser has an alternative wife, child, and parents Bartholomaus Welser and Margaretha Wildberger. They have hints.
This Batholomaus Welser has alternative wife, and father Seifreid Welser. He has a hint.
Seifreid Welser has children and parents Heinrich Welser and Elisabetha Eggenberger. They have hints.
Heinrich Welser has parents Conrad Welser and Catharina Ilsung. She has a hint.
Catharina Ilsung has parents Friedrich Ilsung and Anna DeStein. They have hints.
Friedrich Ilsung has another child and is end of line.
Anna DeStein is also end of line.
Suddenly Conrad Welser has a hint so he has parents Bartholomaus Welser and Anna Stolzhirsch. They have hints.
This Bartholomaus Welser has parents Lucas Welser and Elisabetha VonWartensee. They have hints.
Lucas Welser ... well you get the idea. I'll just keep going.
I find I need this ist to go back down the tree. There are:
Paulus Welser and Anne Eggenberger
Octavianus Welser and Sibylla VonWildeck
Julius Welser
Anton Welser here I stopped in the 10th century. This all seems very fanciful to me.
But I continue back down the tree.
Sibylla VonWildeck is end of line.
Anne Eggenberger is end of line. I left her hints there as a way of indentifying the trees from which the hints come.
Elisabetha VonWartensee is end of line. Hints left.
Anna Stolzhirsch has father Sebald Stolzhirsch who is end of line.
Elisabetha Eggenberger is end of line. I'll stop saying hints left.
Anna Speet is end of line
Margaretha Wildberger is end of line.
Elisabeth Langenmantel vom Sparren has parents Heinrich Langenmantel vom Sparren and Elisabeth, then
Marquard Langenmantel vom Sparren and Elsbeth -- there's nore but I stop. This is the 13th century.
Catharina Parth is end of line.
Elisabeth Rehlinger has parents in some tress, but I am just leaving the hints because this all very uncertain.
Radegunda Suelmann also has parents. This is still the 14th century; I'm skipping them.
William Miller (1470) is first Miller shown in England. His wife is Johanna Rolph. She has hints in 16 trees. Many copy each other (as I have been doing) and give her mother as Mrs. John Rolph. If I select all, Ancestry chooses Mrs. John Rolph. I'm leaving this one too.

In fact, I'm leaving the whole thing for now. See next post.