Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wright Family

My mother remembered two grandmothers in the house -- there was Grandma Goodrich and Grandma Hawley. Grandma Hawley was Grandma Goodrich's mother-in-law. She took back her maiden name after her husband, Manzer Goodrich, deserted her and moved to Iowa.

Grandma Hawley was Jennie Permelia Hawley, daughter of Joseph William and Sally (Wright) Hawley. She was called Permelia, and there is some doubt as to whether Jennie was her first or middle name. I have her date and place of birth as 11 August 1846 in Brooklyn, PA and her date and place of death as 24 November 1927 in Port Dickinson, NY. These data come from The Tingley Family Revised and were supplied to the comiler by my great-aunt Esther.

Permelia's mother, Sally Wright, was the daughter of Anthony Wright and Sally Swetland. They lived on Martin's Creek (also called Marten Creek.) This is where I will begin. [In what follows, I am indebted to Weston's History of Brooklyn and to Two Centuries of Memories -- Lathrop and Hop Bottom and to research in other sources.]

In 1799, Joseph Sprague lived in a cabin on the Marten Creek meadows. He was referred to as a hermit, which I surmise means that he did not have a family. In 1802, Joseph's nephew, Ira Swetland, came to live with him. Ira was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, 20 November 1780, his parents were Zilpha Sprague and Theophilus Swetland.

Ira Swetland married, in Connecticut, Ruth Wright, a daughter of Capt Samuel Wright and Ruth Kibbe. Two of Ira's sisters married two of Ruth's brothers. Almira Swetland married Samuel Wright and Sally Swetland married Anthony Wright. All three couples settled along Martin's Creek.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where I stand at Ancestry.



1 me


2 father
3 mother


4 pat gf
5 pat gm
6 mat gf
7 mat gm


8 William S Mellen
9 unknown
10 James Green
11 Viola Joiner
12 Charles Girard B
13 Mary Louise Gallt
14 Earl A Goodrich
15 Grace A Dayton


16 Peter W Mellen
17 Mary Elizabeth Allen
20 Ira Green
21 Pamela
22 David Joiner
23 Mary E Conklin
24 add
25 add
26 William Gallt
27 Martha
28 Manzer J Goodrich
29 Jennie P Hawley
30 Edwin Chesebro Dayton
31 Mary Albertina Morgan


Root person - my father (2)

32 unknown
33 unknown
34 Joseph Seymour Allen
35 unknown
40 unknown
41 unknown
44 unknown
45 unkown
46 James E Conklin
47 Catherine E Brown

Root person -- my mother (3)

48 add
49 add
56 Eli Butler Goodrich
57 Cynthia Tiffany
58 Joseph W Hawley
59 Sally Wright
60 Charles Edwin Dayton
61 Prudence Mary Chesebrough
62 Newell V Morgan
63 Lucy Hopkins

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Here another year has gone by.
Today I signed onto Ancestry and was greeted by the following messages:
Recent Member Activity: 16 Sep 2009
1860 census saved to Eli Butler Goodrich by ksdirk
3 records saved to Alfred Tiffany by ksdirk
Death information edited for Alfred Tiffany by ksdirk
Death information edited for Lucy Miller by ksdirk
7 new family members added for Anthony Wright by ksdirk

I don't know who ksdirk or why she has these people in her family tree (called Snyder Family Tree - NE Pennsylvania.) So I begin to do a little mongoosing in the Snyder Family Tree:

First, I look up Eli Butler Goodrich and find birth, death, and marriage information (to Cynthia Tiffany) For Cynthis Tiffany, the place of birth is given as Salem, Susquehanna, PA. There is no Salem in Susquehanna County -- so that's an error. It's in the "Family Data Collection" and in "One World Tree" on Ancestry.
There are pedigrees given for both Eli and Cynthia that seem to be more or less accurate -- I didn't check in detail.
The pedigrees include Cynthia's parents, Alfred Tiffany and Lucy Miller, so that leaves Anthony Wright.

The Snyder tree has parents for Samuel Wright (Anthony's father) which I don't have. They are given as Charles Wright, born 5 January 1719 in Northampton, Massachusetts and died 23 December 1793 in Pownal, Vermont and Ruth Boltwood, born 25 April 1722 in Amherst Massachusets and died 15 April 1806 in Pownal Vermont. Their marriage is given as 19 Oct 1742 in Amherst.
Anthony's mother is given as Azuba Gibbs, (Samuel's second wife.) This is a mistake I have seen before.
At least some of Anthony's children are given, including Sally. Her marriage to Joseph Hawley is shown as are at least some of their children, including "Pamelia," but not her marriage.

Oops, back to Samuel Wright -- this is the wrong guy. His dates are given as 1745 - 1815 whereas the correct Samuel Wright weas born in 1751 and died in 1829.

So that was a brief flash thinking I had a lead, but I don't.